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About Our Information
As Asian No 1 Soccer Handicappers, we are widely regarded as the most original and profitable soccer betting handicapping service currently operating on the Internet. With our reliable undergrounds sources coupled with the solid aggregation of a pool of very experienced soccer tipsters around Asian Country, we are able to deliver the most consistent soccer handicapping tips on a long term basis. We have come out with a top-secret system to beat the sportsbook odds on a consistent basis, Many punters worldwide failed to realise that you need a betting system to make money from soccer betting on a long-term basis. Our extensive top-secret system with some of Asian most experienced soccer tipsters produces our match day. Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

How many picks you post per match day?

There will be 1 fixed odd game, 1 tip on first half and another 1 tip on full time. There will be 1 to maximum 4 games on correct score a week. It will be two tips for a game, 1st on first half and 2nd one for full time.

How much is the tips?

  • Single bet on 1x2 betting - $500 / Tip
  • Single bet on Asian Handicap - $350 / Tip
  • Bet on both 1x2 and handicap - $750 for 2 tips
  • 7 Days membership on 1x2 - $2800 / 7 Tips
  • 7 Days membership on handicap - $2000 / 7 Tips

What is the bank size and money management you recommend?

We bet flat, and advise you to follow us with flat stakes. The most conventional approach would be to follow us with 2% of your betting bank and under no circumstancess should you take our bets with more than 3% of our betting bank. If your average bet size is below 500 EUR, we would advise you against joining our service.

Your service is very expensive. Don't you think you should lower the price?

First of all, given our overall results, we feel that our price offers you value for money. Second, our asking price allows us to get quality over quantity when it comes to our members - we want our clients to be serious betting people making an investment in order to increase their overall profit, and not newbies and university students expecting a paid service to produce a 'rags to riches' scenario. We feel that most serious punters will recognize us as a good investment opportunity, while our asking price will make most of the newbies opt against joining us, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

I have not been receiving your replacement tips by emails.

Replacement tips are sent by email. If you did not receive the replacement tips, check your junk/spam folder. If you have not been getting our tips, the chances are that they have been wrongly identified as spam by your mail provider.
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